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How-To Guides For Computer Hardware, Software and Websites

We love sharing our knowledge here at Azztech Computers and More with our customers and future customers, Why not check out some of these great Tips and Tricks and How-To Guides (just click on the title to open the answer) and make sure to share them with your friends and family.

How To Move Your iCloud Drive Default Location In Windows
How To Stop Facebook Auto Playing Videos
How To Reopen Closed Tabs in Google Chrome
How To Find A Post In A Facebook Group
How To Delete Posts In A Facebook Group
- How To Report A Post In A Facebook Group
How To Make Symbols With Your Keyboard (Alt Codes)
How To Share Your Wireless Internet Connection With Other Ethernet Enabled Devices
How To Use The Infinite Number Of Email Addresses Gmail Gives You (External Website)
How To Setup Cloud Storage On Your Computer
How To Move Your UserFolder From The Default Location

If you wish to print out any of these how-to guides, tips and tricks or other documents, just navigate to the page and on the left hand side is a floating bar (moves with you), press on the Aqua coloured envelope and a new window will open and generate a printer friendly version. Than you have the option to Print, Convert to PDF (for saving to your computer) or Email (to send to friends and family).

Need to know something fast? or have a suggestion for a future How-To guide? Know a tip or trick you want to share with others? Well why don't you shoot us a quick message from our Contact Us page. We will credit anyone who submits a How-To guide or Tips and Tricks guide.

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